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A Design Studio is a workplace for designers and artisans engaged in conceiving, designing and developing new products or objects. The smallest Studios are operated by individuals, while the medium to bigger ones may be owned and operated by a Manufacturer involved in consumer goods or by design firms engaged in design services catering to different firms and industries.

Design Studios includes in different industries like fashion, automotive, Science studios etc.., every design studio has its own type of equipment and works nature like Fashion design studios have equipment related to sewing, cloth making, and cutting machines. Automotive design studios have equipment like Designing tools, vehicle designing instruments, Systems to implement their vehicle designs etc, Science studios have equipment like laboratory tools for experiments.

Design studios should be innovative according to the respective industries. Every designer should take care of the studio designs to make a good business. How much the studio is attractive and innovative that much business will get improved.

Popular Design Studios In India

Beard Design In Mumbai: Bombay-based design studio, Beard Design was founded in 2012 in Goa, by Abhishek Sarda. The studio focuses on pushing the envelope in Brand Design and UX Design. Their work is bold, eclectic and experimental – a mix of art, design, and technology. They’ve worked with brands like Swiggy, Paperboat, and BookMyShow – but what they really dig is building brands from scratch.

Boch & Frensh: Boch & Fernsh is a Mumbai-based creative agency and video specialist. They started off as a web solution company but soon realized that their forte was actual design and technology. Their clients are primarily corporate firms and companies. They specialize in videos, UI design for websites and apps, branding and augmented virtual reality.

Lollypop Design Studio: Anil Reddy founded Lollypop, a dedicated UI / UX design studio, in 2013, with a vision to “put India on a world map as a digital design destination.” Lollypop is ranked among top 3 UX agencies around the globe and has clientele base from as many as 11 countries. They’re continuously searching for innovative ways to brighten the lives of their client, pixel by pixel.


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